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The Arts Meet Science Project was founded to develop a new multidisciplinary form of scholarship that seeks to re-connect and re-integrate the arts and sciences.


About the Project About the Project

About the Project

The Arts Meet Science project is an organization comprised of scientists and artists from across the globe who believe that artistic and scientific pursuits by one do not benefit the society in the absence of engagement with the other. The project also seeks to endow the next-generation of artists and scientists with a broader perspective and deeper cultural appreciation to enable them to expand the scope of their contributions as well as to foster changes that will lead to a better and more peaceful world.

Towards this end, the project has hosted several public events with eminent and international artists and scientists attending to dive into subjects that co-integrate emerging concepts in the arts and science fields. Prior forums have addressed questions and themes including, “What is the common ground between art and science” and “Towards integration of music and biomedical sciences.” The project’s second public meeting was jointly held with Nature Café by Springer Nature. Recently, the project has begun to expand beyond the public forums by expanding initiatives that facilitate opportunities for innovation and intellectual motivation.


Dr. Hisao Taki has been newly appointed to the member of the steering committee.

Official website is now available.


I would like to express a warm and hearty welcome to you, and I thank you for your interest in our Arts meet Science project (AMS). At the start of my tenure as President of Tokyo University of the Arts, I made an official announcement entitled “Unlimited possibility of the arts”.  In this announcement, I declared that the mission of our university is to broadcast to the world the art and culture of Japan through a strengthening of our education system, research practices, and social activities.  With no doubt, I believe this can be done by cultivating the legacy and long tradition of our university.  As the only art university among those selected as “Super Global Universities” by the Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Tokyo University of the Arts has an unique role in developing multifarious activities to express and project cultural energy of Japan.

In this context the AMS plays a very important role. The aim of this new initiative is to endow the next generation of artists and scientists with broader perspectives and deeper cultural appreciations to expand the scope of their work and foster innovations and discoveries that will result in a more peaceful and healthier world. To achieve this goal, an integration of artists, scientists, and other people with diverse expertise and knowledge is essential. Your interest and support in these endeavors would be greatly appreciated.

Kazuki Sawa
(President, Founder of the AMS project)

Kazuki Sawa (President, Founder of the AMS project)

Management Organization

Members of the Steering Committee

  • Kazuki SawaChair

    President, Tokyo University of the Arts

  • Kazuko Aso

    Trustee (Special Mission), Tokyo University of the Arts

  • Hiroko Kuniya

    Trustee (Special Mission), Tokyo University of the Arts

  • Hiroki Kurihara

    Professor, Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo

  • Shinichi Nishikawa

    Professor Emeritus of Kyoto University. Representative Director of All About Science Japan

  • Takeshi Oba

    Trustee (General Affairs, Finances and Facilities), Secretary General of Tokyo University of the Arts

  • Yasushi Sano

    Executive Assistant to the President (Public Collaboration). Director, Public Collaboration Center. Professor, Faculty of Music, Tokyo University of the Arts

  • Hisao Taki

    Founder, Chairman and Director of Gurunavi, Inc and NKB INC. Director General, Japan Traffic Culture Association. Honorary Doctorate, Tokyo Institute of Technology

  • Tadatsugu Taniguchi

    Professor Emeritus of The University of Tokyo. Fellow, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo

Project Advisors

  • Thomas Kornberg

    Professor, Biochemistry and Biophysics, University of California San Francisco

  • Yo-Yo Ma


  • Roger Perlmutter

    Executive Vice President, Merck & Co.. President, Merck Research Laboratories

Project Coordinator